Fatheads of the Month for 2007

Fatheads of the Month
Elizabeth and Matt's baby. 1 inch long and 1/3 of that is its head
Jan. 2007
1 inch long
and 1/3 rd head
Britney Spears Shaves head. Get back in rehab & get back on track.
Feb. 2007
Spears Shaves
Howard Stern has been encouraging all of his Sirius satellite radio listeners to vote for the worst contenders in this season's American Idol, with Sanjaya Malakar first on the list
Mar. 2007
CBS announced it will no longer broadcast Don Imus' radio show, following disparaging remarks he made about the Rutgers women's basketball team
Apr. 2007
Don Imus
Canada trip was great again this year. Thanks Brian, John & Tom
May 2007
Great Canada Trip
Retired, Dented Fat Head
Jun. 2007
Retired this month
See ya round
Alyssa-The anti fathead
Jul. 28, 2007
My 1st grandchild
Michael Vic & dog fighting. Guess he'll have to sell the coughdrop factory now
Aug. 2007
Michael Vic
Stuka needs a home!
Sep. 2007
She needs a home
Let a Black Bear start climbing up to his tree stand while bow hunting for whitetail deer. Not sure if he is brave or fatheaded. Click below for video.
Oct. 2007
Click here for video
According to recent reports, Santa Clauses in Sydney, Australia, were instructed to say ha-ha-ha instead of ho-ho-ho because the traditional expression might offend women.
Nov. 2007
Sydney, Australia
ban on Ho-Ho-Ho
Ha-Ha-Ha instead
Check you phone bill carefully as this company will sign you up for their service fraudulently and bill you though your phone service provider.
Dec. 2007
Bills for services
you never asked for
through your
phone company

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