Fatheads of the Month for 2014

Fatheads of the Month
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was fined $7,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting in the final minute of the NFC Championship Game against San Francisco. Was he just caught up in the moment?
Jan. 2014
Heat of the Moment?
Will Lara Logan Ever Recover From Infamous Benghazi Report?.
Feb. 2014
Oh, Lara!
Just how seriously is Mayor Rob Ford taking rehab
Mar. 2014
A Literal Fathead also
Donald Sterling reportedly told his girlfriend not to bring African-Americans to Clippers games
Apr. 2014
Yes again for second month in a row
May 2014
Honey Boo Boo's mom stocked up on a number of calorific items including at least six four pound tubs of sugar, each containing approximately 6804 calories.
Jun. 2014
 if there is a warrant out for your arrest and the cops post your pic on Facebook… you might not want to comment. Someone in Maryland did. The message read- “Y’all will never catch me.”  They caught him the next day.
Jul. 2014
sorry no photo
Glenn Beck says he regrets some of the things he said on his television show.
Aug. 2014
UofM Coaching allowing Quarterback to continue play after this hit and subsequent stumbling on the field after.
Sep. 2013
UofM Coaching
Missing you mom
Oct. 2014
According to New York Daily News - This little piggy went to market . . . and to restaurants, casinos, concerts, liquor stores, furniture marts, gas stations and hotels in world capitals, all on the taxpayers’ dime.
Nov. 2014
The movie, North Korea, Sony, and all of the controversy that made me want to watch this film
Dec. 2014

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